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From: Zenith64131aol.com
Subject: Gas Station Trick (interracial) -- please see noteDisclaimer: If blink-182 transvestite you are offended by male to male sex or are under the
legal age to view adult material in your community, please do not read
what follows.
Gas Station TrickbyZenith64131aol.com
By now, many of you must think I am the luckiest son of a gun on the
planet. It's not true. Sure, I get a fair amount of dick and have done
a lot of things that I know some readers haven't been able to do, vgp vcc6 but
it's not always that easy. A few weeks ago, I had an out of town trip
that was supposed to yield a lot of dick. It was very disappointing. I
was supposed to travel to another city and pick up a friend who I had
been sucking for weeks. He had left town to visit relatives and wanted a
ride home. The bastard never showed up, never called, etc. I was told
by a third party that he is never coming back to me. I had also set up a
trick with a young friend of me who bluntly told me that he had lined up
some pussy and didn't 2010 naked bikes want to do anything with me any more. Here I was
supposedly celebrating a birthday in a big city, far from home, and all I
wanted was to suck some black cock - cock that was going to be a sure
thing. Now everything was falling apart. It just wasn't valaciclov9r meant to be. I
was so fucking depressed!I was about to leave town but I was pissed and determined not to go home
empty handed. I was still pretty sad because the guy who I had become so
attached to sex m4v (whom you all know as "Ronnie" from previous accounts I had
written about) deserted me. I thought I finally met alchol and sex mp3
someone I could care
about. 1701st uniform club
He was a person who openly admitted he enjoyed me sucking and
rimming him. It was hard not to become attached to a man who was always
asking me to suck his thing, enjoyed many of the same things I did,
enjoyed dining with me, and then telling me I was a good little bitch,
etc. The day he deserted me, I cried a lot. No matter how hard I try
not to get attached to these men, when they dump your ass, it hurts. If
I suck a guy's cock regularly and he leaves, he still takes a little part
of my heart with him.It was a good thing though. "Ronnie" was at home with his family and was
where he wanted to be. Still with streaks on my facing from crying, I
drove into a gas station 13 nude girls in one of the roughest parts of town and decided
to fill my car with gas. Being reasonably street smart, I checked out
several stations 14 yo sexy naked
until I saw one where a twenty-something black guy was
loitering and watching cars enter and leave. I know that was the station
where I needed to fill up with gas.Let me digress. A couple of years nude 14 yo ago, I was at a gas station in Chicago
and a young black teenager offered to clean my windshield for a couple of
bucks. This vgp vcc6
spurred a fantasy and my perverted mind thought about how
much fun it would be to try and seduce 34dd nursing bras
one of the young guys who was
hustling at a gas station. free sex 70 It was the material for several jack-off
fantasies and I knew that one day I might just have to give it a try.
After having been good for months, the dark side was starting to emerge
and temptation was lightspeed amateur 11 winning over. As the long-term readers know, I have
had a number of fantasies turn into reality over the years because I was
willing and aggressive enough to try and make them happen. This was no
exception.As I pulled into the 12yo best porn
station, a tall black guy approached me and offered
to pump my gas in return for a tip. I told him that was fine and
inserted my credit card into the gas pump. The young man in his early to
mid twenties, was over six feet tall, very black, and had a "hoodie" on.
His jeans were old, but urban style and they sagged. The man was not
just black, he was frighteningly black with sinister dark eyes, and skin
the very color of charcoal. I'm used to so many of the lighter skinned
black guys. This man excited me but terrified me at the same time.
Would he rob me, kill me, fuck me, stab me, or all of the above?As we spoke, he said his name Tony. I'm sure it was not his real name -
most black guys you pick up seem to want to use that name! Anyway, Tony
filled the car with pics 3yo the overpriced gasoline they sell in the ghetto. As
we talked, he noticed I had been crying and asked if I was okay. I told
him that I just got dumped a few minutes ago by someone I really cared
about, how it had been my birthday a few days ago, and I was in from out
of town to celebrate and nothing had gone right. He empathized about how
it sucks to be dumped. I told him I was in town to have a good time and
get my groove on. Tony perked up and smiled with a remarkably white
smile for a street bum and said he knew a bitch I could get with. I
explained that I was looking for something else though."What you want," he asked. "I know where to get some ass if that's what
you want.""No," I replied. "I'm looking for someone to kick it with.""That's what I'm saying," Tony said. "I can find you a bitch." The guy
just wasn't getting the picture."I don't want to offend you," I said. "I'm looking for a 8-20 oshgosh boys jeans
thug.""For what?" he asked, seeming startled. "A thug? Whatchu mean? Why you
need a thug fo?""This is embarrassing," I replied. "I'm looking for a thug who will let
me suck him up.""DAMN, DAWG!" Tony exclaimed. "You into that shit?"I explained that I love sucking off black men because I am nothing but a
bitch for black me to use. I told him back home the black guys use me to
suck them off, buy them shit, and give them rides and all I asked in
return was a few minutes to suck them up and lick their booties. He
laughed and said "You got it bad, don't you?" I agreed."I know somebody who got a big black dick you can suck on," Tony said."Who is that?" I asked."Me," he replied. "You can suck me up for forty dollars and you got to
get me some food at Wendy's."My heart jumped. This young man was fucking sexy as hell to me even
though he looked a little dirty from the street. I explained to him that
all I ask is to be safe. I told him that I've been jacked before and if
he was thinking about hurting me I would just give him the money right
now and we're cool - I just don't want to get hurt. Tony smiled."Man, don't worry about dat shit. I ain't gonna hurt you. I keep it on
the real. 'sides, I like getting my dick sucked. You know what I'm
sayin'? valaciclov9r Now less go find some 30 and over gay place to do this freaky shit so you can
have a good birthday. I ain't gonna jack you."I thanked him and told him I would feel better if I could feel him up
first so I knew everything was cool. I watched as he unzipped his pants
and pulled out a very black cock. It was only about three inches long
and kind of thick, but it was also 32e boob movies cold outside. Truthfully, I was a
little disappointed at the size. It wasn't the size of dick I expected.
I did like the color though - it was a nice, charcoal color. I spit on
my finger and rubbed it under the head of his cock as we drove. He
squirmed a little at the sensation.Tony guided me up and 1984 playboy
down some back streets in a very bad neighborhood.
Whole blocks of houses were abandoned. I was scared. He had me pull up
in an area that was next to the expressway but at the same time was quiet
and deserted. Tony leaned his car seat all the way back. I leaned mine
back as well. I bent over and sucked the cock into my mouth. It took a
little while, but slowly his dick began to swell as it lengthened and
thickened. It just kept getting longer and thicker until it was a very
respectable seven inches or so. Several times Tony moaned as I bathed
his black cock in saliva. I loved the smooth black skin of his cut
shaft. He smelled remarkably fresh, as good 10yo girl erotica if he had showered that morning."You like that dick, don't chu? Yeah, suck mah dick. Suck it like a
good little bitch. Make me nut in your mouth. Don't stop. Keep doing
what you're doing. Yeah." Tony's hips thrust his cock into the back of
my throat. I loved the taste and smell of this street man's flesh. I
wanted so badly to service a black cock and be degraded. Here I found a
sexy man to do it 13yo naked girls for me. I worshipped his cock with my mouth and
tongue.As I asian porn movies 3gp looked down, I could see cars going by on the expressway. It was
exciting to be sucking this black man from a big city right next asian porn movies 3gp
to the
expressway where cars were streaking by. He could have killed me. The
cops could have arrested us, but all I could think of was sucking his
negro cock deeper into my mouth and tasting his man juice."Fuck. Suck dat dick. Oh yeah... You like dat dick. Don't stop.
Oooooh. You a good cock sucker. Suck my cock. That's you birthday
cock. Suck it like incest sister 19 you want it. MMMMMMMMM. Don't stop. You white
bitches all the same. All you want is a nigga dick in yo mouth. Jungle
fever. You got jungle fever bitch." Tony's fat dick 24 inch twink
grew thicker in my
mouth.I kept sucking his cock even though my jaws were getting sore. His thick
black rod swelled up and the piss slit opened a little. I ran my tongue
around it and tasted a little bit of pre-cum. I sucked even harder and
faster, vacuuming his black meat for any taste of cum that I could get.
I could hear Tony's breathing getting faster."Yeah, suck it. Suck me good. Here it comes you bitch. Here's some
birthday cum for you. Swallow it!" Tony exclaimed. His cock grew even
harder and lurched as it unloaded four healthy blasts of cum down my
throat. After he quit cumming, I licked his street cock clean of it's
creamy load. It tasted so good to relish some man juice. baby pregnancy pictures 26 I thanked him
and gave him his money.Tony had me drop him off back by the gas station where he had been
hanging out. I'll never see the man again, but I wish to thank him for
helping me enjoy my birthday after it seemed like maybe I'd become washed
up.----------------------------------------------------I want to 47th week of pregnancy thank those of you who write. Thanks for the kind suggestions
for stories, however, I cannot write about things that don't happen. I
wish some times that there were some fuck scenes or gangbangs, etc., but
it just hasn't happened. I suck cocks and a lot of them. So far, that's
all that gets me off. One thing you can count on is that at 8-20 oshgosh boys jeans least these
accounts are true. So as lame as sometimes they may be, at least the
people really do exist and the events occurred as I've told them.Zenith64131aol.com
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